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Tips for organizing your travel suitcase

You have everything prepared for the trip: flight and accommodation booked and itineraries made. The next step? The travel suitcase! Many of you are overwhelmed by packing your travel suitcase but don’t worry, I’m here to give you a hand with the best tips for organizing your travel suitcase!

We will always have that constant struggle between I want to take everything and I can only carry 23 kilos. It’s crazy 😂! Among the clothes, the toiletry bag, the travel kit, electronic equipment, books, documentation and money … How are we going to put all that in a travel suitcase? With a lot of organization 😜

❌ VERY IMPORTANT!!! Please keep in mind that if you are a good person 😂 you will buy gifts on your trip. For your couple, for mom and dad, grandfather, best friend … Leave space in the suitcase to put the gifts! In case you are a bit stingy and never bring anything, you can fill the suitcase to the brim 😜.

Steps to make a perfect travel suitcase

Make a checklist! ✅

The first thing you have to do is a list with EVERYTHING you have to take with you. Yes, it’s very boring, but it is the only way that you don’t forget anything at home. And let’s face it, it also helps us avoid putting things we don’t need. Who has not put things in the suitcase that he has not used? 😂 Lots for sure!

And you will say, what a roll, now I have to think about everything I have to take with me and write it down. And did I forget something? Do not worry!

To help you I have prepared a list to make the perfect travel suitcase. Use it as a check list so you don’t forget anything 😉


Prepare the clothing section in heaps 🧦

It’s what I do and it works! I make heaps depending on the type of clothes. I make a heap of pants, another for T-shirts, another for sweaters … And so on!

Once you have all the heaps prepared, count how many clothes you need of each type. If you are going on a week trip, 3 or 4 pants it would be enough, so if you have put more you have to discard 😱. The same with the rest, how many shirts do you need, what colors … Go over everything you have selected twice!

travel suitcase

There are those who think about the outfit of each day and based on that they pack. And, there are others like me, who think of various combinations. I take a T-shirt that can be used with several pants, or a pair of sneakers that can be used with several outfits. And that’s how I organize the clothes!

As for shoes or slippers, please make them comfortable! If you’re like me and you love kicking around cities and you don’t want to lose your feet, wear some good sneakers. I have to say that I recently bought some mega comfortable shoes that I rarely take off, they are from the Muroexe brand. It’s like going barefoot!

Toiletry bag and medicines: make the perfect travel suitcase 💊

Let’s start with the toiletry bag! The first thing I do is check if the accommodation includes the basics: gel and shampoo for example. If you are very special with these products and you only use yours, there is nothing more to talk about, to the suitcase! If you don’t care and any will serve you, a space that you save in your travel suitcase.

What I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS carry from home is the following: toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, razor blades and tweezers, body cream and facial cream and cologne. On the other hand, I carry the makeup and makeup remover that I use daily at home.

VERY IMPORTANT! A TRAVEL FIRST AID KIT! We all hope it’s the trip of a lifetime and that not a single eyelash hurts. But just in case, I always carry a small medicine kit. Anti-inflammatories, analgesics, some antibiotics, stomach protector, plasters … If you go to an exotic destination you could also put the anti-mosquito cream, but I will always recommend that you buy it at the destination.

If you carry a specific medication that the doctor has sent you, it would be convenient for you to take the report or prescription with you just in case. Sometimes it is not legal to carry one type of medicine or to carry a large quantity of one of them.

first aid kit

Do not forget to put a pill of the medicine that you could most need in case you lose your suitcase. Hopefully not, but anything can happen …

Put the most valuable things in your carry-on bag 💍

Just before I was talking about the possibility that the airline loses your suitcase. Today, the chances are slim, but just in case! For the same reason, ALWAYS carry your most valuable things in your carry-on bag. The laptop, the tablet, the money, documents, some jewel … Anything of value always with you.

Electronic equipment 📱: essential for a perfect travel suitcase

Let’s be honest, what are we going to do today without a mobile or a laptop? Or, who goes on a trip without a camera? Electronic equipment is a MUST in a travel suitcase.

The mobile phone, laptop and camera, as I said before, we should take them with us on the flight, but don’t forget to pack chargers, memory cards, camera filters … Anything you like! you may need!

travel suitcase

Ah! And the power adapter if you go to a country normally outside of Europe. Although if I have to tell you the truth, I usually buy it at the destination. They are very cheap and so you avoid carrying it!

Leave room for gifts! 🎁: the perfect suitcase for family and friends

Did someone say gifts? YES! I always buy various gifts, especially to the family. To friends, if they have been good too 😂

That is why it is important that you remember to leave some space in the suitcase for gifts. On my last big trip, a 3 week route through Malaysia and Singapore, I bought so many gifts that I had to juggle to close the suitcase 😂. And gifts for me too, of course! Hahaha.

travel gifts, travel souvenirs

As a last recommendation, always bring a sweater or jacket for flights. Even if it’s the middle of August, don’t forget that they put the air conditioning on full blast on planes 😉

Don’t forget to download the checklist to pack your travel suitcase! Just below these lines by clicking on the image 😀 Let’s go!

And now, enjoy the trip ✈️🗺!

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