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Scary hotels: would you dare to sleep in any of them?

With Halloween just around the corner, there is no better time to make a small compilation of the 10 most terrifying scary hotels in the world 😱. Castles, old palaces, paradores, convents, hotels prepared to kill you with scares … Any place is scary if spirits or ghosts inhabit it 👻.

There are people who hate being scared and can’t even watch a horror movie, but other people (like me) love the feeling of fear. I have to be honest and tell you that when I was little I was always looking for abandoned houses with my best friend to enter at night. We even went into an abandoned mortuary!

Whether you like fear or not, be sure to see which are the most terrifying scary hotels scattered around the world. At the end of the day they are only photos 😜

Stanley Hotel (Colorado, EEUU)

When talking about the most terrifying scary hotels in the world, the first to appear on the scene cannot be other than … the hotel of The Shining! You will all know this Stanley Kubrick film, based on the novel written by Stephen King. Did you know the author decided to write this book after spending a terrifying night in room 217?

This hotel, located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, in the United States, is full of paranormal phenomena. An example of this is room 408, where you can hear children screaming at night, or the ghostly melodies of the piano played by Flora Stanley, wife of the first owner of the hotel. You will tell me that you would not die of fear!

In addition, to make it a little worse, the hotel prepares night tours of ghosts and televisions that have the movie of The Shining on a continuous loop, among other terrifying things!

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Fairmont Banff Springs (Canadá)

The Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, located in Canada’s Alberta Rocky Mountains, was and is one of the most majestic hotels in Canada. But he is also a witness to many ghost stories that would terrify the most daring.

There is a room that remains closed after a tragic event, room 873. In it a family was murdered, and since then, the footprints of one of the children are present in the room’s mirror. They also talk about the “burning bride”, the spirit of a woman who refuses to leave the hotel after dying there in an accident while dressing for her own wedding.

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Melia Zaragoza: uno de los hoteles de miedo más famosos de España

If we talk about scary hotels, there is one par excellence in my country. On July 12, 1979, the old Hotel Corona de Aragón suffered a tragic fire that left 83 dead, numerous injured and dantesque images of clients jumping out of the windows.

Today, restored and renamed as the Melia Zaragoza hotel, the memories of the fire still live within its walls, especially in room 510. Many guests have reported that they have heard footsteps in it, others promise to have seen fire under the door , lights that turn on and off by themselves … a real madness!

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El Queen Mary (Long Beach, Estados Unidos)

The Queen Mary was originally a luxury cruiser, and later went on to serve as a ship to transport Allied troops in II World War. Today it is a ghost ship transformed into a luxury hotel anchored in the port of Long Beach, in Los Angeles.

It is known for the paranormal events that happen inside. It is said that there are 55 ghosts that roam the cruise ship, through its corridors and cabins. Guests say that they also hear the crying of babies who died in the Atlantic or the “woman in white”, who can be seen dancing in the lounge of the huge ship. They also talk about the soul of a young sailor who died at the gates of the machinery area.

Many of you will say that it should not be among the most terrifying scary hotels in the world because it is a ship, but I could not stop including it 😜

Dragsholm Castle (Odsherred, Dinamarca)

This incredible building, built as a palace in 1215, is today a luxury hotel located on the coast of Denmark. Dragsholm is reputedly the most haunted castle in Europe. For scary hotels, here we have the best of the examples! And it is said that it has at least 100 ghosts that roam its corridors. We could say that this hotel is the excellence within the scary hotels 👻.

To better understand his stories, we must take a look at the castle’s 800-year history. From its beginnings as a grand palace, Dragsholm was heavily fortified during the Middle Ages, and was the only castle to survive Denmark’s civil war. However, after the revolution, ownership of Dragsholm Castle passed to the Crown, and during the period from 1536 to 1664 it served as a prison. This was possibly the darkest period for the castle: the prisoners held here were the nobles of the region.

But there are three specific ghosts that are always present in Dragsholm Castle: the Earl of Bothwell, a former prisoner; the White Lady, a young noblewoman imprisoned by her father after falling in love with a young castle worker, and the Gray Lady, a woman who, out of gratitude, remained to serve in this castle even after his death.

Tequendama Falls (Bogotá, Colombia)

As one of the most popular places for visitors to Bogotá, the luxurious Hotel del Salto in San Antonio del Tequendama, Colombia, was first built in 1923 as a residential mansion. By 1928, an annex had been built and the building was opened as a hotel, to receive wealthy tourists visiting the Tequendama Falls area. This venture was a success, as the hotel would be in operation for the next 60 years.

Starting in July 1950, the building was to be rebuilt into an eighteen-story hotel, but ultimately this never happened and the hotel continued until the original structure was badly damaged, closing in the early 1990s and being abandoned.

Tragically, it was also the scene of several suicides. The fact that many people in the past chose that place to commit suicide led others to believe that the hotel is haunted.

According to local legend, the Muisca indigenous people used to jump from the Tequendama Falls to avoid being captured by the Spanish conquerors and, when they fell, they transformed into an eagle and flew towards their freedom. This mythical story attracted the heartbroken who jumped to their deaths from the hotel’s cliffs.

In 2011, the Fundación Granja Ecológica de Porvenir and the Institute of Natural Sciences of the National University of Colombia began a joint effort to restore the hotel’s intricate architecture. They renamed it the “Museum of Biodiversity and Culture of the Tequendama Falls”, and in 2013, the mansion reopened as a museum with its first exhibition: “Caverns, ecosystems of the underground world”.

If you want to know more about the Tequendama House Museum or want to reserve tickets, you can do it on their website.

Parador de Cardona (Barcelona)

This 9th century fortress is another of the most terrifying scary hotels in Spain 🎃! Located on the 7th floor, room 712 has everyone in awe, both guests and hotel service. They say that you can see a medieval knight wandering and a sobbing maiden, furniture that moves by itself …

Imagine how terrifying the situation is that this room is only available upon express request of the guest who wishes to sleep in it 👻

parador cardona

Burchianti Hotel (Florencia, Italia)

The Burchianti hotel is considered one of the most haunted hotels in Europe and one of the most terrifying in the city of Florence. Guests say that several ghosts live in it, such as an old woman who weaves in a chair, a cleaning woman who wakes up customers, a girl who laughs in the corridors

Special mention should be made of the Fresco room, available to any guest. Those who have slept in it are said to have heard sighs and seen translucent pink beings on the painted ceilings 👻.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel (Nueva Orleans, EEUU)

If there is a famous place for paranormal activities that is New Orleans, in the United States.

This hotel was opened in 1827 as a dance hall for the upper echelons of the city. At the end of 1800 the Sisters of the Holy Family turned it into a school, orphanage, convent and medical room. At that time, the hotel suffered an epidemic of yellow fever, causing the death of many of the children who lived there. Since then, it is said that the ghosts of children and nuns can be seen and heard throughout the establishment.

Hotel Langham (Londres, Reino Unido)

Who hasn’t heard of the Langham Hotel in London? Built in 1865, it was inaugurated as the first luxury hotel in the city and has been visited by celebrities such as Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain. But not only famous people, also many ghosts 👻.

They speak of 5 spirits that can be seen and heard inside this hotel. A German prince who committed suicide in the establishment, a doctor who murdered his wife, a BBC reporter who can be seen at the foot of the guests’ bed … Aren’t you scared to death? I am!

It is important to name room 333, the most haunted in the entire hotel! Be careful when booking because it is available to any traveler 🧟‍♀️.

If you are brave enough, you can always book a night on the Hotel Lanhgam website 😜.

And here is the end of the most terrifying scary hotels in the world! Would you be able to stay in any of them? And, if you had to sleep YES or YES in one, which one would you choose? I believe the Langham Hotel!

Don’t forget that if you need help looking for accommodation or with travel planning I can help you with my travel consultancy. 😀

Happy Halloween 🎃 everyone!

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