Where to eat in Pulau Redang

Where to eat in Pulau Redang: 5 essential places

Are you going to rest for a few days on the beaches of Redang? Do you want to bring prepared a guide on where to eat in Pulau Redang and what to eat? If that is your case, do not miss this post!

After telling you in other posts, what to do in Pulau Redang or how to get there and where to sleep, here comes the chapter of what to eat;)

Malaysian food, Chinese food, Western food (pizzas, nachos, chicken fingers …), cocktails, smoothies, ice cream … everything is welcome on the island and always with live music in the background!

Where to eat in Pulau Redang

In our hotel, the Sari Pacifica and which I tell you about in the post of where to sleep on Redang Island, we had only payed for breakfast, so we had lunchs and dinners to investigate the island. At first I thought that there was not going to be much options, and to be honest, we almost always repeat 2 places, we loved them! The first of them, the Pelangi Bistro and the second, the Sharizal Cafe.

Don’t try to find mega parties or anything of that kind, the atmosphere is concentrated in the beach bars of the resorts. The characteristic of almost all of them is the live music on the beach!

Pelangi Bistro

This beach bar, part of the Pelangi Resort hotel and on the beach, is perfect for typical finger food. Pizzas, chicken fingers, french fries, sandwiches, cheese nachos… There is a lot of variety and in general everything is delicious. You have to ask and pay at the same bar. Of course, the food is brought to the table.

We also loved the smoothies, to be taken one after the other! My partner had a mango one and I had a banana smoothie and we wanted to try the whole menu;)

And, best of all, and only at night, live music. You will not understand anything, as they sing in Malay or Chinese, but the atmosphere is unbeatable. The sea breeze, the music, the great attention of the waiters, the food …

Totally recommended!

pelangi bistro, where to eat in redang, what to eat in redang
pelangi bistro

Sharizal Cafe

Another great place and where you will surely not stop the first time. It is a combination of an excursion company and a beach bar. I did not make any excursion with them, but I can tell you about their food, because we repeated a few times 😉

The first thing I ordered at the Sharizal Cafe was an oreo smoothie and my girl a carrot smoothie. After a long walk on the beach and the heat we wanted something cool. They make homemade smoothies in front of you, and they are unbeatable. They have all the flavors you can imagine…

And after trying the smoothies, we also wanted to check out how the food was. It is a typical beach snack bar, with plastic tables and chairs with a quite delicious meal. We tried the chicken satay, the noodles, Pad Thai, rice of various kinds… And we liked it that much, that of 6 nights we spent on the island, 3 of them we had dinner here.

It is located very close to the D’Pirates post, as you reach the bifurcation of the two Long Beach areas, on the left. You will see that there are only two posts in that area, it’s the last one.

sharizal cafe redang


If you are tired of so much spicy Asian food, I recommend you Kopitiam.

Another beach bar that offers you more options than noodles and rice. Great burgers and fries! And do not hesitate trying the rotis 😉

In the post of what to do in Pulau Redang I told you about the 7-hour excursion we made around the island … That same day, at night, we decided to go to dinner at this beach bar to recover energy and, it was the best option!

This beach bar belongs to the Redang Beach Resort, just next to Summer Point you have the Kopitiam!

kopitiam redang, where to eat in redang, what to eat in redang
kopitiam redang

Summer Point

This other beach bar also belongs to the Redang Beach Resort, you can find it a few meters from the previous one 😉

In this case, you can find typical Malaysian and Chinese food above all. In this beach bar we only ate once, but because we had been in Malaysia for several weeks and we could not have more rice or noodles haha!

But if I can give you a recommendation, we loved the Thai-style chicken and the chicken noodles!

summer point redang, where to eat in redang, what to eat in redang

Luna Bar

If what you want is a fantastic view of the sea while you have a cocktail accompanied by some type of pizza, hot dog, garlic bread, etc, this is your place.

It is located at the end of the beach, very close to the Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa.

luna bar

And here is the end of the where to eat in Pulau Redang post! I really hope it works for your trip and, if you please want to add any place to this guide, do not hesitate to leave a comment 🙂

Where to eat in Pulau Redang: interactive map

If I didn’t explain myself telling you the location of the beach bars, I leave you this interactive Google Earth map so you can see exactly where they are located on the island!

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