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Pulau Redang: How to get there and where to sleep on this malaysian island

Are you going to spend a few days on the island of Pulau Redang? You don’t know how to get to the island or where to sleep? In this post I explain step by step how to get there and where to sleep in Redang, which hotels are the best and which should not be chosen. In other posts of this island I tell you what to do in Pulau Redang and where to eat around the island, don’t miss it!

But let’s not get ahead! I will start by explaining how to get to Pulau Redang. It took me a lot of research online to understand how I had to get there, so I will try to make it easy for you ;).

How to Get to Pulau Redang

To go to Pulau Redang the first thing you must do is get to Kuala Terengganu, the closest city to the island. You can get there by taking a flight from Kuala Lumpur or by bus from different cities, such as the Malay capital or Penang.

From there you have two options, go to the Shahbandar Jetty to take a public ferry to the island or go to the Merang Jetty from where most of the private speed boats that most hotels offer to customers (included in the total price or paying separately) take you to the island.

Shahbandar Jetty is in the city of Kuala Terengganu, but Merang Jetty is 30kms away, so the taxi to there could cost 50RM. However, when you exit the airport, hotel staff will pick you up to take you to the Jetty (also for a fee if you haven’t taken the all-inclusive).

The price of public ferries is 110RM (round trip) and departure times are at 9:00, 10:30 and 15:00. Do not arrive later because you will have to spend the night in Kuala Terengganu! The schedules for the return from the island to Kuala Terengganu are: 7:00, 11:00 and 13:00.

The departure time from the port of Merang is stipulated by the hotels and there are some other times.

In all cases, you must pay 30RM as ecotax to enter the Redang Island Marine Park.

Where to sleep in Pulau Redang

Our hotel: Sari Pacifica Resort & SPA

I have to say that the biggest mistake of my route through Malaysia and Singapore was the choice of the hotel in Redang … the Sari Pacifica Resort & SPA. It looked very good when I was researching accommodation on the island. And, I do not doubt that when it opened it was one of the best hotels on the island, but now it is very “abandoned”.

They give you two options, either take everything with them, that is, all meals and all excursions, or take only breakfast. At this point I succeeded with my choice, I took only bed and breakfast. That way, I had lunches and dinners to discover the island. I take this opportunity to remind you that you also have a post of where to eat on Redang Island. Do not miss the 5 best beach bars!

Sari Pacifica Resort & SPA, redang hotels, where to sleep in pulau redang, how to get to pulau redang

The room

We stayed at the Lagoon Villa, which overlooked an inland lagoon at the hotel and 100 meters from the beach. In the photos of the hotel it looked amazing, but when we arrived everything changed… The lagoon, almost empty of water and super dirty. The room? Neglected as much as possible… Dirty sheets, the toilet with a hole, a wooden shelf fell out when putting some clothes…

And the best of all? That we had friends staying in another room like ours and the day they were leaving (we let them take a shower in ours) they told us that it was much better than theirs.

I take this opportunity to leave you the only photo I took of the hotel. Obviously made at night which is when it looks best haha!


Not the worst… the best the eggs and pancakes they made for you at the moment. The vast majority of the hot plates (noodles, rice, etc.), were leftovers from the night before for sure!


Best of all, but it also has its buts. The best without a doubt, the beach itself. White sand, crystal clear water… But as you will see, that does not depend on the hotel. The worst, hammocks and umbrellas. First, very few for all clients (it is a huge hotel). Second, the hammocks were gnawed and the umbrellas I think they were there since the hotel opened,

Sari Pacifica Resort & SPA, hotels redang island

Other hotels in Pulau Redang

We became friends with two other couples on our stay on the island. One of them was staying at the Coral Redang Island Resort, attached to ours and they said it was great. Very clean, cozy and great buffet food.

On the other hand, and of which everyone talks, but also the most expensive option, the Laguna Redang Island Resort, just at the other end of the beach. What I would call a great hotel. Take a look at their website and you will surely like it.

Do you already know where to sleep in Redang? I hope I have helped you! If any of you are staying in another hotel that I have not mentioned, I would love to know your opinion;)

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